A Sport Anyone Can Play!

Youth lacrosse is an engaging and exciting sport that anyone can play. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to sports, there is a place for every skill level in our program. Lacrosse is played with a stick, the Crosse, which the player uses to throw, catch and scoop the ball.

Clinics are the best place to start but there are many new players every year on the team. Here are some things to remember for your first practice:

  1. Get a head start by practicing some basic skills like passing and cradling before the season starts. 
  2. Don't be intimated or shy, lacrosse is exciting and everyone started somewhere.
  3. Bring all your required equipment.
  4. Bring water.
  5. Do not be late to practice.
  6. Talk to your teammates and learn everyone's names. 
  7. Listen to the coach, be respectful. 
  8. Have tons of fun!

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