The Game:

•Two 20 minute halves for U11, 25 minute for U13 and U15; league plays a round robin for two games. All games on Sunday. Home team plays 1st and 3rd game, vistors play either 1st and 2nd game, or 2nd and 3rd game. 

•11 girls on the field and 1 goalie

•2 officials on the field

•Coaches must remain in the coaching box, parents are not allowed on the coaching side of the field


The Equipment:

•A girls lacrosse stick with no mesh pocket, 35.5” to 43.25” in length. The ball may have up to ½ of it’s size below the sidewall for U11. 

•Lacrosse specific goggles (please adjust at home!)

•Mouthguard (not clear!)

•Lacrosse gloves are optional but recommended during cold weather play. Gloves MUST have grip, please no plain cotton gloves.

•Mandatory water bottles!


The Field:

•The “arc” is the 8-meter arc around the goal

•The “fan” is the 12 meter fan around the goal

•The “substitution area” is the box near the scorekeeper's table where player enter and exit the field during play.

•The “restraining lines” are the two lines that divide the midfield from the attack zones containing the goalie. 


Lacrosse Positions:


◦3 players, one should remain near the goalie, two others should spread out evenly on the attack side of the field when the ball is on the defensive side. They should always be ready to receive the ball from a midfielder.


◦Center- The player that draws the ball. The center typically crosses both restraining lines unless all four wings are already across.

◦2 Attack Wings- Line up on the attack side of the circle. They typically cross the attack restraining line but only 1 should cross the defensive.

◦2 Defensive Wings- Line up on the defense side of the circle, marking up on the other team’s attack wings. They typically cross the defensive restraining line but only one should cross the attack. 



◦3 field players, may never be inside the Arc unless they are marked up against an attack player.


Game Play:

•The Draw- The game starts with a draw. The draw must go over the girls’ heads or it will be repeated. If one team is more than 4 goals ahead of the other, the losing team may choose to have automatic possession. No player other than the player doing the draw can enter the Circle.

•Out of Bounds- When the ball goes out of bounds the team that last had possession of the ball loses possession. When the ball goes out of bounds during a shot on goal the player nearest the ball gets possession. It’s very important to sprint to the ball after a shot is missed. 

•Offsides- When more than 7 players are over either restraining line. When defending our goal 3 defenders and 4 midfielders should cross over, leaving 1 midfielder back. When attacking the opponent's goal 3 attack players and 4 midfielders should cross over, leaving one midfielder back. If a defense player is on a breakaway, midfielders must count the players and leave 2 midfielders behind. A player’s stick may cross the line to get a ball, just not her body. 

•The Crease (Goal Circle)- No player of any team is allowed to cross into the crease. Possession of the ball is forfeited. If the offending team is the attack team the goalkeeper gets possession, if the offending team is the defending team the attack team gets a free position on the Arc. When the goalkeeper has the ball inside the crease she must throw it in 10 seconds. If she walks out of the crease with the ball she can not walk back in until she passes it.

•Substitutions- Substitutions must take place from the substitution box. The new player can not touch the field until the old player is off. It’s very important to run as fast as you can off the field, even if you are tired. 

•The Whistle- A player MUST stop immediately when the whistle blows. No matter what a coach, another player or parent says or what a player was doing. Players may not move until the ref starts gameplay or asks them to. 

•Pass Requirements & Goal: After completing 2 passes (whether caught or picked up off the ground) a player may attempt a goal. If successful the ball returns to the center and is redrawn. 


Possible Penalties:

•Stick Checking- There is NO checking allowed EVER in U11. Modified checking is allowed under coach's direction for U13 and U15.

•Body Contact- A player may not intentionally use her body to push into another body. Incidental contact is allowed. Players should use their presence to apply pressure, not their body. “Picking” is when a player intentionally stops in front of another so that they hit them and it is never allowed. 

•Covering- Players may not use their sticks or feet to cover a ball so that no other player may pick up the ball. Some ref’s may allow covering when no other player is near the ball, but girls should learn to never cover.

•Shooting Penalties- A player can never shoot a ball directly at a goalie or another player in a way that could be dangerous to them. 

•Shooting Space- When inside the Arc a defense player must be directly and closely defending against a player. A player may never stand in front of the goal just to deflect a shot. 

•Crease Violation- No field player may ever enter the goal circle or crease. 

•Critical Scoring Area- When a foul occurs against the defense inside the Arc, the attack team gets Free Position. All players must clear the Arc and line up on the hash marks. The defensive player that committed the penalty must be on the Fan.

◦Indirect- The player with the ball must pass it. 

◦Direct- The player with the ball may shoot. 

•3 Second Rule- When a defensive player is properly marked with a player who has possession of the ball, the player has 3 seconds to throw the ball, switch hands or get away from the defensive player. This only applies if the player with possession is over the restraining line on her attack side of the field.

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